use up

use up
use up vb terminar / gastar / agotar
try not to use up all the hot water procura no gastar toda el agua caliente
El gerundio de use se escribe using
use up
absorber v.
agotar v.
consumir v.
v + o + adv, v + adv + o \<\<supplies/strength\>\> agotar, consumir; \<\<leftovers\>\> usar, aprovechar; \<\<allowance\>\> gastarse

they'd used up all the hot water — habían usado toda el agua caliente

VT + ADV [+ supplies] agotar; [+ money] gastar

we've used up all the paint — hemos acabado toda la pintura

when we've used up all our money — cuando hayamos gastado todo el dinero

please use up all the coffee — terminaos el café

USED TO ► To describe what someone used to do or what used to happen, you should generally just use the imperfect tense of the main verb:
We used to buy our food at the corner shop Comprábamos la comida en la tienda de la esquina
... as my mother used to say ... ... como decía mi madre ... ► Alternatively, to describe someone's habits you can use solía + ((infinitive)) or acostumbraba (a) + ((infinitive)):
He used to go for a walk every day Solía or Acostumbraba (a) dar un paseo todos los días ► To emphasize the contrast between what used to happen previously and what happens now, use antes + ((imperfect)):
He used to be a journalist Antes era periodista
She didn't use to or She used not to drink alcohol Antes no tomaba alcohol For further uses and examples, see use
* * *
v + o + adv, v + adv + o \<\<supplies/strength\>\> agotar, consumir; \<\<leftovers\>\> usar, aprovechar; \<\<allowance\>\> gastarse

they'd used up all the hot water — habían usado toda el agua caliente

English-spanish dictionary. 2013.

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